How can the counsellors at City and Country Counselling help?
Usually the counsellors aim to get to know you by discussing things you want to change, modify or fix in your life depending on the reason for your booked session and call. It may include goals you may want to plan a strategy for or habits you may want to break.

What will the counsellors talk with you about?
What's going on around you / your problems / struggles, home and work environment, stress, needs, desires as appropriate. We can talk about the life skills you have - prioritising, self-management, creativity, focus, distractions, motivations. As counsellors we may also talk about habits you have that support you (values, self-esteem, self-care) - and what doesn't support you - tolerances, lack of support as appropriate according to the reason for your call.

How can this help?
With our help in developing strategies and your suggestions for the way forward, this can effect real change.  Obstacles to a positive future require awareness and deserve attention and focus.

What are some of the typical types of problems?
If you are interested in getting effective and immediate help for your problem in the comfort of your own home or office. Phone 0427 378 522 once you have filled out the email form below and the staff at City and Counselling have arranged your appointment.

What are the advantages of telephone?
You can work with someone who is not available in your area as many areas do not have trained counsellors and by telephone you can get help that suits you.

Why is telephone counselling convenient compared to face to face?
●    Getting to and from the counselling practice can take hours
●    No traffic or parking problems
●    Can talk from any geographical location
●    No need to get dressed to go out
●    No need for a baby sitter
●    No extra time away from your work or studies
●    No embarrassment when seen at a local practice

How many sessions?
●    You can have one session or many
●    $80 for one hour